Are you sick of Anxiety ruining your day?

If you are like many women, the mounting pressure to do it all is starting to get to you. Many people experience anxiety at various times, but it becomes a problem when it interferes with your quality of life. You can feel alone, overwhelmed or out of control and wonder if you are the only person feeling this way. I promise you, you are not! 40 million people in the United States experience significant anxiety and women can be more than twice as likely to suffer than men. Anxiety counseling can significantly improve your symptoms.

How do I know if I need Anxiety Counseling?

  • You feel worried most days, everyday or multiple times a day
  • It’s hard for you to control your worry
  • You feel irritable and have trouble enjoying things you used to do
  • You have physical symptoms like headaches, stomach issues, muscle/joint pain especially when you are stressed
  • You struggle with giving up control and letting go
  • You have panic attacks that make it difficult to breathe, think clearly or regain emotional control
  • You want to feel better and enjoy your life again!

The issues I focus on at Silverlinings Psychotherapy

  • General Anxiety that occurs in women and girls
  • Anxiety related to work, relationships, parenting and family
  • Phobias that are getting in the way of your life
  • Social Anxiety that makes it hard to be around others and connect

As the owner and therapist of Silverlinings Psychotherapy, I want to welcome you to my website.

It’s always a little easier to make the call for Anxiety Counseling when you get a sense of who a therapist is. Watch my video as I introduce myself and tell you a little about my practice. I make sure to answer ALL phone calls and emails promptly because I value you!

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Helping women and girls cope with anxiety and regain confidence.

You don’t need to suffer alone! Learn ways to relax, connect with others and yourself.

Most of all, learn how to be happy again.

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